Healthy bones is important for everyone. Here are three things you can do to be proactive and strengthen your bones.

1. Eat healthy to strengthen bones

Incorporate as many vegetables as possible into your diet, specifically green and yellow vegetables. 

Consume onions regularly in your diet, especially if you are a female. A study in women over 50 found those who consumed onions most frequently had a 20% lower risk of osteoporosis, compared to women who rarely ate them. 

Eat a high protein diet. Bones are made up of about 50% protein. The more protein you eat, the better it is for your bones. It also keeps you full longer and may help boost your energy levels.

You’ll also want to include high calcium foods in your daily diet. 

For the healthiest bones, be sure not to skip meals or consume too little daily calories. 

2. Exercise

Keep your bones healthy with regular exercise. Thirty minutes a few days a week can have a big impact on your bone health. Strength training and weight bearing exercise are particularly good because they encourage new bone formation. In older adults, this type of exercise can help protect bones and help with low bone density. 

3. Take vitamins and supplements 

Talk to your doctor about adding Vitamin D, Vitamin K and Collagen to your daily vitamin and supplement list. These are all important for bone health and unfortunately, vitamin D deficiency is common. 

As always, please consult with your doctor prior to taking new vitamins or supplements. 

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