We all age and while we cannot control that, we can control how we age. Factors such as what food you eat and if you exercise play a role in how you age. Continue reading to learn how you can promote active aging.

1. Exercise to promote active aging

Experts recommend you go for a brisk walk everyday. The goal is to walk for 20-30 mins per day, if your schedule allows. However, any amount of walking is beneficial. You can also lift weights or dance. Yoga and meditation weekly can help reduce stress and help you feel calmer. Mix up your exercise routine so you don’t get bored and remember, any form of movement is healthy.

2. Engage in social activities

Keep your circle close to avoid feeling lonely or sad. Stay in touch with your family and friends. Routinely schedule plans and gatherings to see your loved ones. You can also be proactive and join a club or local group to meet with routinely.

3. Learn throughout life

Use your mind often. your You can keep your brain engaged with puzzles and games. Tap into your creative side and try to paint, sing, recite poetry.

4. Follow healthy eating habits

You don’t have to follow a strict diet or eat healthy 100% of the time. More often than not though, choose the healthy option. Avoid processed meats as often as possible. Eat superfoods such as blueberries daily. A good general rule of thumb is to skip foods processed foods (those that come from a package or can).

5. Help others by giving

Sign up to volunteer weekly at a local shelter. Bake a cake or special dessert for a neighbor. Help a friend go through old items to donate to Good Will. Helping others benefits the person being helped and the helper. It keeps you feeling your best. A close connection with others is critical to aging well.

Use a combination of these tips to stay active and age well.

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