Choosing the right Radiologic Technologist for your needs can save you time and money, as well as give you peace of mind. Radiologic Technologists have specific qualifications that they must meet in order to perform their job duties with patients. In an emergency, you’ll want to be seen right away by the first available Technologist. However, if you have an ongoing need for x-rays or ultrasounds, it can benefit you to work with one Radiologic Technologist who you trust. How do you decide who that is? We are here to help you with that.

1. Choose a Radiologic Technologist who travels to your location

When you need an X-ray or ultrasound, it saves a great deal of time and money to have someone who travels directly to you. Mobile imaging companies, like Palm Diagnostics, will go to you and perform X-rays or ultrasounds right in the comfort of your home. We offer patients same day appointments and results within two hours. The wait at a hospital or urgent care could be that amount of time! 

Palm Diagnostics knows that emergencies cannot be planned for and must be handled with urgency. We are always ready to serve you with mobile imaging needs! 

2. A Radiologic Technologist should be licensed and experienced

Work with a Radiologic Technologist who is board certified and experienced. Maryland requires a state license as well as an AART (American Registry of Radiologic Technologists) certification before practicing. An AART certification requires a completed radiology program and passed exam. Working with a technologist who has experience will give you an enjoyable and seamless process. 

3. Someone with great tableside manners

Radiologic Technologists should have great bedside manners. This expectation is set for Technologists while in school. However, it’s useful to make sure that your personal contact is no exception. At Palm Diagnostics, fantastic tableside manners is a top priority because we know what it’s like to be in our clients shoes. 

4. Exceptional communication skills

Communication skills are useful in all areas of life. In some roles though, it’s not a negotiable trait. Radiologic Technologists must be able to communicate effectively with both patients and other medical professionals. With Palm Diagnostics, clients always feel at ease because our Tehcs go out of their way to explain procedures, answer questions and provide thorough results.

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