We can’t control IF we will age but we can control HOW we age. Growing older is inevitable and aging in a healthy manner is important. Here are habits you can start today to help keep your mind and body happy and thriving and ensure healthy aging.

1. Nutrition

Nutrition is a key factor in healthy aging. Consuming adequate nutrients through your diet is extremely important. If you fuel  your body with junk food, it will have a negative impact on your overall health. Similarly, if you fuel your body with healthy food, it will positively impact your body. Don’t focus only on calories. Make sure to fill your plate with fruits, vegetables and whole grains as often as possible. If you need additional assistance creating a healthy and balanced diet, consider reaching out to a dietician who specializes in nutrition. 

2. Exercise

Regular exercise is a great way to reduce your risk of long-term illness such as heart disease, arthritis, depression, diabetes, etc. Exercise movement keeps bodies warm and moving. Consider going for walks or lifting items around your home. Yoga is another exercise that may also help your mind to de-stress and your limbs to stay flexible.

3. Socialize

Stay connected to your loved ones. Call or visit family and friends whenever possible. Take care not to isolate yourself. Consider joining a local group or book club to regularly see people. 

4. Let your body rest

Rest doesn’t necessarily mean sleep, which is also important. Aim to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep per night. During the day, give yourself breaks as needed. Manage and reduce your stress with activities such as meditation and yoga. 

5. Keep your mind sharp

It’s not just about keeping your body in shape. You also want to keep a sound mind. Take on activities that challenge you mentally. Consider working on a new puzzle or game that requires you to think deeply and make decisions.

6. Take preventative actions

Taking preventative actions can help your body feel younger and can stop sickness before it happens. Follow your doctor’s recommendations and stay up-to-date on vaccines. Attend routine well appointments with your doctors and discuss any health concerns you may have. Follow their guidelines for tests and monitoring. Also, you should plan to see a dentist every six months. 

Following these tips and turning them into daily habits can help you age healthy. However, you may still have a need for an occasional X-ray or ultrasound. Palm Diagnostics is here to help. Contact us to learn more and book an appointment!

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