Mobile imaging is useful for everyone. Patients, caretakers and medical staff find it useful. Here are seven ways mobile imaging can be useful for you, no matter what your role is.

1. Convenience

Mobile x-rays reduce the need to move patients between facilities. Most recent guidelines from RSNA, Radiology Society of North America, instructs the use of portable imaging when possible during the COVID-19 pandemic. Mobile imaging takes x-rays to patients regardless of their location. This is a great way to socially distance and reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Furthermore, hospitals are full of sick patients. Moving old or high risk patients can do more harm than good. It is a good idea to keep people with weakened immune systems out of the hospital when possible to prevent them from exposure to new illnesses.

2. Faster results

Mobile x-rays provide quick results to you. Palm Diagnostics has a 2-hour turnaround window for results. Faster results means faster diagnosis, treatment and healing.

3. A more comfortable and familiar environment for patients

Moving patients to new places to get medical care can overwhelm and even confuse them. Providing medical care to patients in a place they are familiar with, such as their home or day care center, is a great way to reduce confusion. It also keeps patients comfortable while they get medical care.

4. Quicker to schedule

It is faster to schedule services through a mobile imaging company, such as Palm Diagnostics. Patients get medical care quickly with 24/7 availability and same day appointments.

5. Safety

Some studies show that mobile imaging devices have less radiation exposure than wall mounted devices. Additionally, portable imaging devices can reduce the risk of injuries and accidents that may come from moving an old or injured patient. There is also less of a chance that a patient will trip on a wire or a curb at their normal location.

6. Cost effectiveness

Mobile imaging saves patients and staff transportation money. Ambulance and taxi bills to and from x-ray locations can be costly. You can avoid transportation fees if an imaging technician goes to your facility. Additionally, mobile imaging saves facilities the time and money of sending staff members on trips with patients.

7. Better Images

Mobile imaging has high tech features that help provide better pictures and results. Portable x-ray machines make higher quality images. These are easier to read and save time. Better image quality also means less retakes which makes the total process faster.

Overall, mobile imaging gives people better health care. Patients spend less time with diagnostic imaging which leaves more time for activities they enjoy.

If you are interested in using mobile imaging services, Palm Diagnostics is happy to assist you! Please reach out to us at today. We look forward to serving you!

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